Yoga and Mindfulness Workshops and Retreats

- now live online, normally in Stroud, Stonehouse, Dursley

Relax & Restore Yoga and Mindfulness Session


Our lives can be increasingly frantic and fast-paced.  Taking time to rest and recharge is essential for our physical and mental health.  In this session, explore some gentle practices to help reduce stress and promote wellbeing, including:


  • Breathing and meditation practices to calm the nervous system

  • Restorative yoga - gentle, relaxing postures supported with cushions, blankets and blocks to encourage the body to release tension

  • Mindfulness body scan meditation - bringing awareness to body and breath, inviting the mind and body to rest, just as we are right now.  Nothing to achieve, no need to strive to relax - practising a kindly awareness of what "is".  Nourishing our bodies with healing attention.

Forthcoming session

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