Rewilding at Wild Acres

Updated: Mar 7

Have you ever had that rare and incredible feeling like everything is coming together, stars aligning, and you find yourself doing something or moving forward in a way that feels absolutely right?

Well that rare and incredible thing happened to me this year.

I had been sensing something shifting in me for a long time - a call to greater connection with nature in my life and business.

My lovely friend and yoga attender Amanda invited me to visit Wild Acres, a new land-based community project she had set up with her partner Martin and friends Vicky and Hannah, along with a fantastic troupe of volunteers, so I jumped at the chance.

As soon as I got to look round the site, I knew it felt right.

This group has created a beautiful place full of exciting opportunity and potential.

We quickly began hatching a plan together - for a nature-inspired yoga and art day. Rewilding yoga and mindfulness in the morning, a delicious lunch created by Martin, and a creative art nature workshop in the afternoon.

And it all came together in the most fantastic way last Sunday!

A wonderful group of beautiful souls came together, starting with a hot drink and a chat.

Then some playful, dynamic yoga to warm us up, shake off tension, get grounded to the earth and rediscover a variety of ways of moving and relating to the ground.

We finished with a guided meditation on our interconnectedness with nature, down in the woods by the stream. It was a big hit!

Meanwhile, Martin had created a delicious hot vegetarian lunch for us. Miso soup starter, veggie curry made with vegetables grown at Wild Acres, with spinach pakoras, followed by oaty apple pudding. Yummm!!

Then time for a nature-inspired art session led by Amanda.

The wonderful Wild Acres community had just finished a gorgeous new art studio cabin for us to work in, complete with wood burner!

Even people who were a bit unsure about the idea of doing art joined in with fun group work on a textile hanging to go in the outdoor kitchen area. Guided, inspired and encouraged by Amanda, we used the technique of "frottage", rubbing textile crayons over leaves and seed heads underneath to create natural images on the fabric.

It felt like a precious retreat from everyday life with a beautiful community spirit.

I can't believe how it all came together and I'm so thankful to Amanda, Martin and Vicky, and the whole group that was present.

Huge thanks to Amanda and friends for all the gorgeous photos 💖💖💖

And the best news is... WE'RE GOING TO DO IT AGAIN!! The plan is to run regular sessions. Woo hoo! 🎉🎉🎉

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