Caution! You may get addicted... What's so “restoring” about restorative yoga

It's so exciting to be running my first session dedicated to restorative yoga and mindfulness on Sunday 8th May at GL11 Community Hub.

Allowing the body to rest in stillness, supported by blocks, blankets, cushions and straps, is a great way to be "in the now". In our busy lives we can get so caught up in busy, hectic "doing" that we lose awareness of our own aliveness, our "being". Practising restorative yoga, we are aware of body sensations and breath, as we invite our bodies to gently release with gravity. In some poses we feel nurtured, curling inwards, sinking into this moment. In other poses we feel a sense of the body opening and relaxing with gentle stretching of the hips and spine. In stillness, we can be more aware of subtle sensations of breathing, pulsing, blood circulating, temperature... the shifting landscape of sensation inside the body and on the surface of the skin. Restorative yoga can feel very difficult as we become aware of just how busy the mind is, and it can feel impossible to focus on the present moment. However, with the practice of acceptance, openness, patience, curiosity and kindness towards ourselves, this awareness of the mind activity can also transform into a nourishing, healing practice.

See what restorative yoga poses look like.

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