Mobile Massage Stroud District - for Women

All massage treatments are on hold for the time being - for safety during the coronavirus pandemic.  But here's what I would normally be offering...

A Unique Treatment for Your Body

A free consultation for every new client ensures that I understand your goals and provide a unique, tailored treatment every time.


I offer a mobile massage service for women within Stroud district in the comfort of your home.  I offer various treatments which can be combined and adapted to suit your preferences.  Gift vouchers also available.

Prices and Booking


30 mins £35
45 mins £45
60 mins £50
75 mins £55
90 mins £60



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​Prices apply to locations within a 10 mile radius of Stonehouse, Gloucestershire. Otherwise, travel is charged at a flat rate of £10 per hour.

Treatment menu

Treatments are tailored to clients' preference. Suggested options are:


Treatment Options


Therapeutic Massage oil is applied to skin and massage movements warm up muscle tissue, releasing tension and adhesions and relieving stress.  Can be gentle and relaxing, or firm and invigorating. From 30 to 90 minutes.


Deep Tissue Massage includes more intensive work and firmer pressure to work into deeper layers of muscle and connective tissue. Requires more time per area -  minimum treatment time 60 minutes.


Shoulders / Neck / Hips & Lower Back Release a combination of massage and mobilising movements on shoulders / neck and/or hips and lower back to relax and release - can be individual treatments, combined, or incorporated into a longer treatment such as full body massage.


Indian Head Massage relieves muscular tension in key areas where we tend to hold stress and anxiety in our bodies – shoulders, neck, scalp and face. These same areas are also over-worked by many daily activities such as working at a computer, driving, cleaning, and using phones / tablets etc. A deeply relaxing yet often energising experience.



  • Full body therapeutic massage / 60 mins / £50

  • Full body massage plus head and neck / 75 mins / £55

  • Full body with extra on chosen areas / 90 mins / £60

  • Shoulder and neck release treatment / 30 mins / £35

  • Express massage on selected area / 30mins / £35
    (eg. back, neck and shoulders)

  • Deep Tissue massage on back and shoulders / 60 mins / £50

  • Deep Tissue massage on back, shoulders and legs / 90mins / £60

  • Indian Head Massage / 30 mins / £35


Please note, first appointment will require a 10 minute consultation prior to treatment – this is provided free of charge.  Contact me to find out how I can help you.

DIY Massage Tutorial FREE when you book a treatment of 60 minutes or more.  If you have any persistent areas of contracted muscle causing pain or discomfort, I will show you how to do DIY massage with a spiky massage ball or tennis ball on key areas.  Frequent massage will reduce symptoms and extend the benefits of my treatments.


Bookings and queries contact me

Mobile massage Stroud

All massage treatments are on hold for safety during the pandemic.  But here's what I would normally be offering...

Why massage therapy?

  • Relieves muscle tightness accumulated from activities such as working at a computer, driving, playing sports, carrying children and having a stressful lifestyle.

  • Calms nervous system, easing stress, anxiety and depression.

  • Can help lower blood pressure.

  • Can reduce muscular pain.

"I couldn't recommend Amy enough...the best massage I have experienced yet. Amy is friendly, professional and she made me feel at ease and completely relaxed throughout the entire appointment." - Naomi

Massage Therapy

Research shows that massage helps to relieve stress, anxiety and pain and lower blood pressure.  I have always found massage treatments to be powerfully soothing and tension-relieving, and I love that I can now provide these benefits to others. Massage therapy is a perfect complement to teaching yoga, and gives me further insight into anatomy and physiology.  I continue to study and am happy to be on a journey of lifelong learning.


Certification / professional development (CPD):


  • Distinctions in Level 3 City and Guilds qualifications in Body Massage and Anatomy and Physiology from Gloucestershire College

  • Deep Tissue Massage CPD with Cotswold Academy

  • Trigger Point Therapy CPD with Cotswold Academy



  • 'Freeing the Shoulders' CPD with Darien Pritchard

  • 'Releasing the Neck' CPD with Darien Pritchard

  • 'Hands Free Massage' CPD with Darien Pritchard

  • Indian Head Massage with Teach Therapy



  • 'Releasing the Lower Back and Hips' CPD with Darien Pritchard



  • Alexander technique lessons with Joanna Greaves

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