These classes, seated on chairs, are designed for people who may find traditional yoga classes unsuitable because of impaired mobility, or who simply enjoy a gentle, meditative class.  During the class we practice kindness and curiosity towards the body, and I encourage people to take the movements and intensity at their own pace, adapting where needed.  We experience mindful awareness: noticing sensations of the body and breath, and activity of the mind. 


Gentle Chair Yoga Stroud District


A typical class includes:

  • A quiet moment to practice centring the attention on the breath, body and mind.

  • Exploring movements – mobilising, strengthening and stretching different parts of the body in turn.

  • Optional standing sequence, using chairs as support, to practice balance (participants can choose to remain seated).

  • A short guided mindfulness meditation

Current Class

  • I am currently teaching a private group class for residents at Woodchester Valley Village, as well as one-to-one chair yoga classes for individual clients.

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