Weekly Classes

Feel-Good Mindful Yoga

  • Monday in-person class at King's Stanley Village Hall

  • Live Friday online class you can do at home

  • Saturday outdoor classes, alternating between King's Stanley and Dursley

Yoga to help de-stress and boost joint mobility, flexibility and strength: suitable for mixed levels of experience and ability, including beginners.  A joyful style of flowing yoga, with a focus on practising a mindful, compassionate awareness of the body.  This includes understanding that everyone’s body is unique and that people feel yoga poses in different ways.  I encourage students to have fun and play with modified versions of poses, so that they can find their expression of postures in a way that fits with their bodies.

Warrior 2.jpg

The classes include options to choose from, so that people can find a healthy challenge for their bodies and not feel they have to do a movement or posture in a particular way - or example backing off if it is causing or exacerbating pain.  I encourage people to explore sensations as they experiment with movement, with the aim of increasing body awareness, enhancing strength and mobility for healthy functioning in daily life, practising a kindly approach towards their bodies.  My classes tend to attract a variety of ages and abilities.

We practice strengthening through the range of movement to encourage greater mobility and strength in areas that are commonly tight and weak, for example the shoulders, back and hips.

The format of a typical class is:

  • Taking a moment to focus inwards, connecting with body and breath

  • A warm-up sequence to mobilise joints and warm muscles

  • A flowing series of standing postures stemming from a simple sun  salutation, working into standing balances and strong grounded poses

  • A series of seated postures to further explore and enhance strength and flexibility

  • Lying down in ‘Savasana’ with guided mindfulness meditation