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I love sharing what I have learned: teaching people evidence-based approaches to reduce stress and feel better. I have become the teacher that I was looking for years ago, when I was trying various yoga and meditation classes and self-help approaches that were useful, but didn't quite help in the way I needed at the time.  I have experience and understanding of stress and anxiety, having worked for 12 years in demanding desk-based jobs; including in an NHS hospital as a specialist in compliance and quality.  I completed an MSc in healthcare management and quality, studying alongside my full-time job.  In 2012 I quit and spent a year travelling and studying in South America and Spain, discovered my true passions, and changed career.  I have been teaching yoga since 2013 (accredited with Yoga Alliance Professionals), a massage therapist since 2014 (City & Guilds certified), and mindfulness teacher since 2015 (accredited by BAMBA, the British Association for Mindfulness Based Approaches - demonstrating that I meet the UK Good Practice Guidelines for mindfulness teaching).

My approach to teaching is caring, personal, interactive and fun.  I am passionate about functional movement training that enhances our ability to feel comfortable in our bodies amidst the demands of daily life.  I engage in continuous learning and exploration of what it means to be human, how to ease suffering, grow compassionate action and increase joy and love.  I am passionate about understanding how neuroscience, trauma and psychology connect with the practices of yoga and mindfulness, rooted in the deep wisdom of ancient Indian cultures.  I am a highly sensitive person (HSP), navigating a modern world which can be overwhelming at times, making use of my gift of sensitivity to hold safe, warm and encouraging space for other humans to connect, play and heal.

Aside from all that, I enjoy running, strength training, playing the ukulele and singing in a choir, watching Star Trek, and roaming the beautiful countryside around Stroud with my husband.

Yoga and Mindfulness

​There is a reason why the NHS prescribes courses in Mindfulness: a large body of research proves that it helps people reduce stress and anxiety, and feel happier.


For me the joy of yoga is as a mindfulness practice, connecting with sensations of body and breath in the present moment, and exploring strength and flexibility while practising acceptance and kindness towards the body and mind.


“Your deepest presence is in every small contracting and expanding, the two as beautifully balanced and coordinated as birdwings.” – Rumi


I have been practising yoga since 2006, and discovered benefits of a daily practice of yoga and meditation for maintaining physical and mental balance and counteracting stress.  I love travelling, and have worked and studied at yoga retreat centres in various countries.  I attend regular teacher-led silent meditation retreats (with teachers such as Chris Cullen, Christina Feldman, John Peacock, Martine Batchelor), and weave mindfulness into my life as a continual practice.


Certification / professional development (CPD):


  • 200 Hour Yoga Alliance certified teacher training in Vinyasa Flow Yoga with Frog Lotus Yoga



  • 'Intelligent sequencing' CPD with Whitespace Yoga

  • CPD on Anatomy and Physiology with Sam Rao Yoga

  • MBSR 8 week Mindfulness course with Mindfulness West

  • Teacher training on Mindful Chair Yoga shared by Corey Roos of Whitecloud Wellness



  • Yoga mentoring workshops with Claire Murphy

  • Meditation mentoring sessions with Marianne Brady of Mindfulness West

  • 'Yoga for Adults with Special Needs' with Special Yoga

  • 'Therapeutic Gentle Yoga' with Special Yoga



  • 'Integrating Trauma and Anxiety' with Claire Murphy and Jane Evans

  • Mindfulness Teacher Training Level 1 with Bangor University

  • Specialist Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Teacher Training with Bangor University


  • Mindful Inquiry workshop with Bangor University

  • 'Moving from the Core' yoga workshop with Donna Farhi

  • 'Sequencing for Multi-Level Classes' with Dawn Wright

  • 'Working with Injuries' with Deborah Berryman

  • Completion of Part 1 Mindfulness Teacher Training Pathway with Bangor University


  • Mindfulness Group Process workshop with Bangor University

  • CPD workshops with Cecily Milne of Yoga Detour

  • 'Move Your DNA' workshop with Jeanette Loram

  • Inspire and Evolve teacher training retreat with Dawn Wright

  • Mindful Strength training with Kathryn Bruni-Young

  • Alexander Technique lessons with Joanna Greaves


  • Yoga Reloaded teacher training with Hannah Stewart and Emma Epton

  • Trauma-Sensitive Mindfulness training with David Treleaven (ongoing)