De-stress and feel good with yoga, mindfulness and massage

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A warm welcome to you.  I would love to help you nurture your physical and mental wellbeing during these stressful times.  I am currently teaching live online yoga classes and workshops and a weekly online mindfulness class. 


The next 8 week Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction course will be in September and may be held in Stroud or online.


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I usually teach yoga and mindfulness in the Stonehouse, Stroud and Dursley areas, Gloucestershire, and offer mobile therapeutic massage treatments.  All in-person  offerings are on hold for safety during the pandemic.

See what I do! Watch my free yoga and mindfulness videos here.


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Yoga helps you feel better, physically and mentally

  • Release tension and reduce stress

  • Increase flexibility and strength

  • Improve balance and posture

  • Cultivate mindfulness – awareness and acceptance of the present moment

"Since I started, my posture has improved considerably... Amy's classes are good fun, taught with a high degree of professionalism and thought and hugely enjoyable. The guided meditation at the end is fabulous!" - Ian

Life is stressful!  Mindfulness can help

  • Break free from stress by transforming how to you deal with it

  • Make positive changes

  • Enjoy life more

  • Improve mental wellbeing

  • Gain a more healthy, clearer perspective on life

"Amy has been an inspirational teacher. I am taking away a huge amount of good things from the (mindfulness) course." - Jane

"Becoming more aware of the present moment can help us enjoy the world around us more and understand ourselves better." - NHS

  • Live online weekly class - details and booking here.

  • Next Mindfulness 8 week course starts with a taster session on 14th September 2020 in Stroud - discover more here.

  • Upcoming courses may be offered in-person in Stroud, or live online, depending on the pandemic situation.

  • Regular weekend mindfulness workshops - details here

  • Or contact me for information.

Mobile massage Stroud

All massage treatments are on hold for safety during the pandemic.  But here's what I would normally be offering...

Why massage therapy?

  • Relieves muscle tightness accumulated from activities such as working at a computer, driving, playing sports, carrying children and having a stressful lifestyle.

  • Calms nervous system, easing stress, anxiety and depression.

  • Can help lower blood pressure.

  • Can reduce muscular pain.

"I couldn't recommend Amy enough...the best massage I have experienced yet. Amy is friendly, professional and she made me feel at ease and completely relaxed throughout the entire appointment." - Naomi

​Do you need more specific help for your mental health? 

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